My own Theory on how I acqired Fibro

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Re: My own Theory on how I acqired Fibro

Post  brenjanes on Mon May 21, 2012 12:38 am

Hi Just joined this site.
Wanted to say that both my daughter aged 33 and me 53 have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia ad she told me that her rhuematologist told her that fibro is usually triggered by a traumatic event in our life.
I thought and I thought and then remembered that I had a bladder repair surgery in 1997 and the night of the surgery hemorrhaged so badly that the doctor was called back in to repair whatever had gone wrong. I was 3 hrs away my home and no one with me....I was terrified. So I guess yes, mine was triggered by a traumatic event.
I was diagnosed in 1999, just after I would have bee able to go after disability!

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Re: My own Theory on how I acqired Fibro

Post  chompers23 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:18 pm

I do agree with your assessment.
I had chronic (ignored) pain for about 2 years. Then I got engaged, then my mom was dx w/ cancer, then my fiancÚs dad was dx with cancer... I then found out I had a spinal cord condition (neurological) that was causing all the pain and I needed surgery for. By that time I had tender points, knots, headaches, no sleep etc.. I had surgery last year and things took off from there. I was just dx w/ fibro a few weeks ago.
So yes I think stress is a huge factor!

How are you doing now? I'm turning 29 this year, and like you I sometimes feel 90!

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My own Theory on how I acqired Fibro

Post  blssompj on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:42 pm

As many of you know and have read, there just isnt enough information on why WE HURT!! I was dx with Fibro in Feb of 2008. I was 30 years old and was just given a life sentence of pain.

The spiritual part of me wonders who I have wronged in my life to deserve such a sentence.... I would not wish this on my worse enemy.

It was 2005, I just gave birth to my daughter in Oct of 2004. Right after the birth of my daughter, I gained 50 lbs, started getting migraines (i had no idea what amigraine was until 2005. I was so sick... That was my first dx after my daughter was born... A few months later for my check up after giving birth my dr noticed the weight gain. He asked how i felt.. I kinda laughed, really I have a baby at home I never get sleep or rest.. I told him I feel as good as any new mother...LOL He immediately said my neck looked swollen and dx #2 was emerged...Hypothyroidsim.. This was still 2005... By the end of the year I felt fatigued and my lower back started hurting...BAD. So i went to Dr again and complained of my back...and this is where the fun began...

From late 2005 to early 2006 I was told I had nothing more than back spasms and the pain I was starting to feel more and more was basically in my head.. By 2006 I had an awesome job, a new baby and life was good...until one day I woke up and felt like I was 90.. The pain in my legs and hips from Sciatica, the electric shocks I felt going up and down my spine...It took 8 mnths but I was finlly DX with a herniated disc in L5S1.. it was herniated 9mm (which is huge) and it caused nerve damage and widespread pain and numbness due to the amount of time it took to dx me. After 6 months of the insurance companies playing games (the usual 6 months of therapy prior to a much needed surgery) I had my surgery in Dec of 06.. the surgery was a simple cut and removal of the herniated disc ...simple right??

After the surgery, I felt so bad. My surgeon said 6 weeks and back to normal (in most people, I knew there were risks).. a year later 2007 and i was dx with my 4th ailment... Failed Back syndrome...basically it didnt work...

in the meantime, widespread pain, sensitivity to where my scar is from surgery, immense lower back pain, shoulder, neck HIP pain like crazy, sciatica pain, fatigue, cold feet and hands, it actually hurts when they get warm now, stiffness in body, basically feeling like a truck hit me and a train is trying to finish off the job...

my surgeon finally gave me another dx in janurary of 2008...Fibromyalgia.. It was confirmed as Full Blown Fibromyalgia in 2008 Feb by a rhuemetologist.. along with mycofascial pain..

mycofacial pain

I was able to get my fibro in remission for a total of 1.5 years when I begged my surgeon to do another surgery (turns out my back L5S1 was reherniated) but he suggested I lose weight...LMAO I guess dr dont understand that Fibro makes it impossible to do regular activities let alone excercise..however, I was feeling suicidal my pain was soo bad. The shower hurt!! Seriously the water from the shower felt like pins and needles on my back, taking a bath was horrible due to my inability to handle hot temps at long intervals (same with cold), and looked 90 hunched over... I was desperate. I went on a mile walk evry 3-4 days... slowly but surely, the every 3-4 days was every other day, within 6 months I lost 50 lbs and my fibro went into remission...I found another job and tried to continue with life (this was April of 2009)...

now fast forwarding..

my fibro came back out of remission about 9 months ago...It is now basically full blown fibro but i have a new symptom with tis flare...uncontrollable diarrehea, pain and cramping in tummy, nausea, vommitting, and constant "sounds" coming from belly which coincide with pain and BM (bowel movements)...

I have had CT scan, Ultrasounds, nothing...its like getting DX with fibro all over... I am thinking IBS-D (severe) or Crohns...although most likely IBS...

During all these episodes..there is one common factor...Stresss

Stress on body from having child (age 28)
stress on body from having surgery (age 29)
Stress on body from being in DV relationship for 8 years
stress from moving from Il to california to get rid of relationship (age 31)
(right after move to Cali in Sept of 2009 symptoms of IBS started after losing daughtr in custody battle) age 32

Whether emotional stress, physcal stress, or enviormental stress..

I have noticed that I can handle a lot of stressful events in life..but for some reason the events in life that take a TOLL seem to cause the most problems and syndroms..

I was also DX with TMJ in 2001...

Its so weird how its all connected..

I read that especially for women, being in a domestic violence relationship can trigger fibro.. as well as those with family members with mental disorders..

Funny my mother and uncle are both bi-polar... and I was in DV relationship for 8 years... So after knowing this, I conclude that either the birth of my daughter or the trauma of the back surgery...:triggered" my fibro...

What do u guys think???/


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Re: My own Theory on how I acqired Fibro

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