Hello! Anyone gone through the CDR process?

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Post  hunter27 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:40 pm

Hello! I haven't been through the CDR process, but my father has, and he shared almost the same story with me. His SSDI was being threatened, and so he decided to hire an SSD attourney to help him with the process because SS kept sending him forms, and hassling him about NOTHING! Apparently though, reviews are a completely normal process, as they have to do checks and balances within their system. BUT if SS is constantly giving you a hard time, maybe you could seek the advisement of an SSD attourney to ease the process. I don't know, but it's just a thought! I hope this helps!

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Hello! Anyone gone through the CDR process?

Post  MRuss63 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:37 am

Hello there! I have been on SSDI for about 10 years and then some....about 3-4 years into my SSDI, I received a CDR form (Continuing Disability Review). It is a one page (two sided) computer read form that asks for any updates to your condition. Well, I filled that one out and about a month later received a letter stating, that I would be reviewed again in the "future". I guess they meant 7 years or so, because I just filled out another one.

This time, AS I was last time....I am worried. I WORRY about EVERYTHING. : ) I have been working a very small part-time job and it doesn't even meet their definition of a "Trial Work Period", based on income, and hours. AS a matter of fact, my doc just made me quit the job, because I keep getting sick and my pain has increased along with the severe fatigue we all know so well.

Just wondering if anyone else has been awarded adn has been on SSDI long enough to have completed one of these things. I actually hate been home and doing nothing, but I can't be "depended upon" to "show up". This guy was nice enough to carry me for about a year and put up with my lateness as well as inconsistency. It was a small business and there were other people to cover. But now I'm out of that job.

If anyone has had any experiences with the CDR, please let me know. I'm in NJ and the service center that sent me the form is in PA.

Also, I'm happy to help ANYONE who has questions about the SSDI initial approval process. I have helped countless people with their questions/concerns and am very "well educated" about the process.

I will go through the other posts here and see if I can offer any insight to your questions. I just had to post this one first...sorry!! Is that selfish!!?!?!

I'm a wreck with anxiety lately and I just really want to be able to relax a bit. I'm a compulsive worrier.... : )

Thanks for reading and any answers, if you have them...?

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