Fibro effecting my relationship with Autistic partner

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Fibro effecting my relationship with Autistic partner

Post  Binny Boo on Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:16 pm


I am in need of some support on what I should be doing or some advice on how to deal with my relationship.
I have Fibro & have been out of work for about 7 months due to it. Some days I can't even get the energy to get up & do really basic things like the dishes. My partner is Autistic to quite a high level. Between us both being unwell it has put huge amounts of strain on our relationship.
We no longer have an sexual relationship. He is working 7 days a week to make up for the income I stopped brining in. Because I can't always be onto of the cleaning & all the other house hold things he can't understand that it is not me being lazy (he isn't rude it's just the Autism).
I do love him very much & without him I don't know what I would do both emotionally & financially. (I live in Australia & am yet to find our equivalent of SSDI)
But I can't help get the feeling that both our health situations are making each others worse in some way.

Please, please help me get my head around this!

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